80% of App Developers Don’t Make Enough Money: The Reality of Mobile Today

App Promo is pleased to post a recent article on Techvibes Written by Joseph Czikk

It’s a mobile-first world and businesses must ensure that they’re along for the ride. That was the resounding message from Gary Yentin, CEO and founder of App Promo. Yentin spoke during last week’s Dx3 2013 conference in Toronto.

Currently there’s an over-saturation effect on smartphone users, with over two million iOS and Android apps combined. Unfortunately about 80 per cent of people who make apps do not make enough money to cover their cost of development.

“A lot of people have very good applications but discovery is really the challenge,” said Yentin. “They do it for their creativity and they want to get noticed, but at the end of the day they have to make money.”

Yentin offered five key points that brands and startups need to know about mobile.

1. Changing Brand Dynamics: Companies need to follow where their customers are, and customers are on their phone. Yentin told the crowd about a recent trip to Barcelona, Spain where the majority of people access the Internet solely through mobile. Agencies and brands need to understand that a mobile strategy is as important as a digital strategy and consumers largely depend on their information through their phone.

“Mobile becomes a 24/7 part of your environment and if brands today want to reach that audience they’re going to find them on the phone,” he said.

2. Shift in Demand for Emerging Apps: Apps have an interesting life cycle, peaking for a short period of time and later forgotten. While tablet users like apps they’re actually more browser-oriented, likely because they have more time. But if the brand or the individual wants a rich experience it’s going to be through an application (which are both expensive to maintain and require consistent support).

“The demand for that content is rising and I think we’re going to see even more people use their phones for different retail and commerce purposes,” said Yentin. “It’s really going to affect us in day-today life from the morning to the evening.”

3. Mobile is Our Everything: If companies are preparing to go in the app space they must develop a strategy, have a plan and do some marketing. Content that was traditionally accessed over print, radio and television is available on mobile and companies need to be aware of that. Apps intersect every part of our lives, so there’s not much one can’t access via mobile. “The one thing that I saw in Barcelona is the single way people communicate is through their phone,” said Yentin. “That changes the whole pattern of how they value and use the phone.”

4. Mobile is Influencing Shopping in Canada: Those in retail must have a mobile strategy, as consumers demand the ability to do the research before they make the purchases. A real shift is occurring in consumers making purchases via mobile rather than the web. Several top retailers are reporting that they’re receiving 65% more mobile sales than online.

5. Wide Adoption is Impacting Use: Carriers are going to realize that they’ll be marginalized in this space. Yentin cited the change in SMS demand after wifi accessibility combined with game-changers like iMessenger, BBM and What’s App bypassed its business. Furthermore, the demand for consumption of content on mobile devices is increasing enormously and this will put pressure on bandwidth in the future.


App-Promo to represent SendBoo #MWC13 (Mobile World Congress, Barcelona 2/25-28, 2013)

App-Promo is very much looking forward to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, Feb 25-28, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. App-Promo will be representing our client SendBoo a realtime messaging and translation application. Please email info@app-promo.com if you would like to setup a time to meet and learn more, (Looking forward to meeting Carriers, OEMs, Brands and especially VC’s )




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3. Why are SDKs so important to include in my app for my app marketing campaign?

4. How is Facebook changing the game in mobile app acquisition?

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App Promo Thank-you to everyone who dropped by our booth at MacWorld 2013

App Promo would like to thank everyone who dropped by our booth last week in San Francisco at MacWorld 2013. It was a great show and the perfect opportunity to meet with consumers and friends who actually download mobile applications. It is important to connect with your user base and learn what really motivates someone to download an application and what also makes them go back and use that application again and again.  Our clients PicIT24 and Geo Challenge were featured and based on the fact that we ran out of  flyers early in the show, we know they were a great hit with the audience.

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BnotionsWe are extremely pleased to announce that the App Promo App Marketing 101 series will be syndicated on the BNotions Blog and the Application Developers Alliance Resource center. The App Marketing series was created as the essential how-to market your app tutorial for app publishers and developers. The 10-part article series walks the reader through all 10 core pillars of app marketing from app store optimization through to paid and social media and beyond.

The series just recently completed its syndication on the Sony Developer World with extremely positive response from the Sony developer community.

BNOTIONS is an Innovation Company that works with forward-thinking global brands and disruptive entrepreneurs. Their team focuses on strategy, design, and development of mobile, web and social products.

Application Developers Alliance is a non-profit industry group founded to serve developers, the people who power and expand the world through software. They  work to ensure that developers have the tools, network, and policy environment they need to innovate.

Both of these partners are leaders in empowering publishers and developers in thinking about their app as a business, a mission core to App Promo.

The first part of the article series has already been posted by BNotions. Application Developers Alliance expects to launch this series in the New Year. You can read the complete 10-part series now on the App Promo Blog.

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KarmastoreAs we enter this festive holiday season, we also enter one of the busiest times for people working in the mobile world. This exciting and fast pace world has provided us with great innovation amazing technology and the opportunity to work with some truly gifted people.We are truly fortunate to work in this sector.

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We wish you and your family all the best for the holiday season and thank you for your continued support and look forward to a bright and hopeful 2013!

PicIT24: The Instagram Alternative Solving Privacy & Over-sharing Challenges

PicIT24Free iPhone App, PicIT24, aims to make sharing simple again with its once-a-day posting limit and unique visual diary capabilities

Instagram recently claimed the rights to sell your personal information to third parties. This has resulted in a plethora of people searching for alternative photo sharing services. Can PicIT24’s slick filtered environment fill this void?

Today’s Social Networks offer an unfiltered environment where users can post and share an unlimited amount of memories and thoughts to an infinite amount of connections. This mass creates a noise, which makes it hard to connect to those members you really care about. This often leaves us sorting through system-filtered posts to help us find those that are most meaningful. It is no wonder then, that despite social app time growing 76% from last year much of the sentiment after participating in social media was “overwhelmed”, “anxious” and “wasted time” according to the 2012 Social Report by Nielson.

PicIT24 was created to simplify sharing by increasing the quality of posted memories by limiting the number of posts members can share to only one photo and/or quote within a 24-hour period. The goal of the app is to make people think before posting by having them consider one question, “If I could only share one thing today, what would that be?”

“Essentially PiciT24 helps to solve how overloaded and disenchanted users are getting with social sharing by pushing the curation of content back to the users. Rather than having users share en masse and have the system use its algorithm to select what to share to their community, PiciT24 members are now in complete control of the one thing they want their followers to see that day,” says PicIT24 Founder, Fred Sachs.

“Too much choice leads to indecision, and so, paralyzed, we expose our followers to overwhelming amounts of poorly chosen content. In turn they struggle to keep up, understand and appreciate what we have to say. We believe a lack of content selectivity is counterproductive to your audience. To address these issues PicIT24 was created,” he adds.

On top of increasing the meaningfulness of posts, PicIT24 also allows for creation of groups to make it even easier to keep in touch with selections of followers. Allowing members to stay in touch with larger networks in shorter time frames.

In addition, the profile page allows for a unique content to time association, with every day representing an item of content. Members can also easily filter through posts by tapping on a location or filtering by calendar date.

PicIT24 is available now on the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch as a free download. Members can also login to the PicIT24 website to view and share memories athttp://www.picit24.com.


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Originally published by PRNewswire: http://prnewswire.netpr.pl/en/pr/230293/tired-of-over-sharing-and-privacy-concerns-picit24-cuts-through-noise-while-forcing-you-to-think-before-you-share


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