Dice Interview with Tom Emrich: Tips to Enhancing Your App’s Visibility in the Android Marketplace

Check out this video of our very own Tom Emrich’s interview with Dice Network at AnDevCon II. The number one issue and concern of Android app developers is how do I get my app discovered and distributed. If your app is not one of the top 50 apps in the Android Marketplace, no one knows it exists. At the Android Developers Conference, or AnDevCon, in Burlingame, California, Tom Emrich and his colleague Gary Yentin of App-Promo, a PR and marketing firm for apps, offered up some advice.

Dice Interview with Gary Yentin: How to develop a paid media strategy to increase discovery of your mobile app

Check out this video by Dice Network interviewing Gary Yentin at AnDevCon II following up from App Promo’s presentation on Android Marketing & Discovery. Gary focuses this interview on how to develop a paid media strategy to increase discovery of your mobile app.

The number one problem every app developer has is how do they get people to actually discover their app. In a very popular session at the Android Developers Conference (AnDevCon) in Burlingame, California, Gary Yentin, CEO and Founder of App-Promo talked about paid media as being the most effective way to get people to download and use your mobile app.
Yentin explained that getting paid media to work for you is a science. You need to constantly work it and measure and test and play with your creative.

Mobile Industry Review of Tom Emrich at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011

Mobile Industry Review caught up with Tom Emrich at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011 where App Promo was a sponsor and speakers for the event.  Tom breaks down what App Promo is all about and why developers need to focus on app marketing to succeed.



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