[UPDATED] Media Coverage of App Promo’s First Annual Developer Survey Results

Our first annual developer survey launched April 4 and with the aim to capture, statistically, what we have been seeing in the industry firsthand – that too often app publishers are not planning and managing their mobile application as they would any other product or business. What we found we published in two formats: (1) an INFOGRAPHIC which went viral on May 2, 2012 and a white paper which was made publically available for free download on our website.

We were extremely pleased to see such an embrace by the media and bloggers in the technology and mobile industry to help us spread the word to the community on the importance of seeing your app as a business in order to succeed. Below is a summary of the the various tech blogs and sites that picked up the story. Thanks to all of these publications for their support.

We encourage you to continue to share these stories to help better the success with mobile apps.

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2 thoughts on “[UPDATED] Media Coverage of App Promo’s First Annual Developer Survey Results

  1. Hi, thanks for the great information. It’s certainly consistent with other anecdotal data out there. My question was, did spending on marketing correlated with app success? That is, was it the case that the more you spent, the better your app did. Within limits, I would hope so; it’s discouraging to think that $30K in spending might yield only $50K in sales – that’s not much of a return.

  2. Winthrop our survey did not go into this detail in this phase but we have seen firsthand that the answer is YES. Marketing is often a case of Cost Per Acquisition or CPA in that once you understand the cost of your user you can scale according to the spend.

    In addition, the $30K to $50K relationship is not 1-1 but again this depends on the cost of your user which varies app to app.

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