Wake Up Call – If You Spend It, They Will Come [INFOGRAPHIC]

The results are in from our First Annual Developer Survey we completed in April of this year and we have used the data to create our very first INFOGRAPHIC. Our goal with this survey was to shed light on the truth behind what it takes to be successful with your mobile app. We hope that this information can be used to help you better your app as a business.

We welcome re-posts to help spread the word on this very important topic to the app developer community so feel free to save and post this infographic on your own blog or site.

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5 thoughts on “Wake Up Call – If You Spend It, They Will Come [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Thanks for putting this together. It seems this would be more helpful if the data was grouped by platform. I know it’s terribly hard to monetize an app on Android. While it’s hard to monetize an app on iOS it’s still much easier than Android.

    As I look over this data I wonder if the numbers are skewed by Android and other platforms.

    Despite that I think it’s great work.

    I’ll be downloading the white paper.

    • Really William? Android is that much more difficult?

      If anything, it’s harder on iOS. I have an app available for both iOS and Android, and while neither is exactly profitable, Android’s was far less of a headache to roll out. Three weeks (minimum) to get an app approved. Any time you patch it, same process albeit shorter.

      But in general, not every paid app sells. For every Angry Birds or Cut the Rope, there are thousands of apps that tank financially. Don’t blame the platform, blame apps that sell millions upon millions. Those are what are skewing the numbers more than anything.

  2. Thanks a lot for this infographic, very interesting!

    I agree with the other comments, a breakdown by platform would give even more insight. And knowing what were the primary spending costs for app marketing for the top earners would be nice, too.

    Also (just a suggestion), I think it would be easier to read if the dark blue was used for the graphics instead of the light grey. My eyes keep on focusing on the wrong side of the graphics.

  3. Like most news about the mobile app market, I think this infographic is too much focused on the top earners.
    Okay, maybe 59% don’t even break even. But I don’t see how this is special for the mobile app market. Doesn’t the same hold for the desktop software world, on the web-apps market? Or any business for that matter?
    Just looking at the top apps and giving up because you can never reach that level is too much all-or-nothing-thinking.
    You certainly don’t have to be a top earner to succeed. There’s a huge area between the top earners and the ones that don’t even break even.
    *Especially* for small microISVs, and especially in niche markets, there’s good money to be made. But again, the exact same holds for other software platforms (windows, mac, online). You don’t have to be at the Adobe or Microsoft level to make money.

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