TIP: Maximize Your Reach by Making Your App Global

Sounds simple but it will make a “world” of difference. When you submit your app be sure to make sure that it is set to release to “Global” distribution. Even if you feel your content caters to a geographical niche, you will be surprised by what other areas may be interested in your app by giving them access. The only way you will know is if you remove the cap. Of course, if there are legal limitations such as content rights, these will need to be removed prior to your change. You may also wish to release your app first in smaller countries that are not your own in order to test out the app or app marketing tactics prior to the full launch.

Every Tuesday App Promo will be providing tips on app marketing and promoting applications based on their experience leading marketing campaigns for applications across platform. These tips are like regular marketing vitamins aimed to boost discovery and visibility for app publishers to better succeed in the business of their apps.

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